Todd + Meggan: Engagement’s + Wedding

Engagements   The Wedding The Reception

Srdjan and Sophia 3rd Ward Engagements Srdjan and Sophia are getting married this September! These photos were taken by Brian Slawson in the 3rd Ward of Milwaukee, WI. A great urban shoot with a cute couple!  

Dustin & Chantel Engagements Dustin and Chantel's engagement session was in the middle of nowhere a town called Rubicon where Chantel's parents live. I just love traveling to new awesome places all the time. Super looking forward to your wedding Dustin and Chantel! [ o ]l. ^a new effect I've been testing out. Not sure...

Zombie Engagement Shoot


Brandon spends all day working as a chef. It gets a little stuffy in the kitchen, so sometimes after work he goes for a walk. This particular evening his fiancé Meg joined him to take some photos of the beautiful night. This is how their “relaxing evening" began… Meg whispered,...

Jeff and Gadeer Jeff and Gadeer and an amazing masquerade themed engagement party on March 16th, 2014 at The Renaissance Place in Milwaukee.  I'm sooo glad I could be there to document it, it was a blast! Congrats Jeff and Gadeer! What an epic cake!