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So here it is… the annual best of weddings blog! Another year passed, and as I look back at the captured moments and the epic clients I got to work with, I’m just amazed at how I get paid for this.2019 was an insanely busy year, but I’m grateful for all of these clients that trusted us to document their big day. Huge  shout out to Luke Wein as he is a super skilled photographer and a good friend of mine. A handful of these photos are his.

Super congrats to Ben and Allison for winning the most votes! A free canvas is heading your way. Be sure to check out their amazing Art Museum Wedding HERE

Photo by: Brian Slawson Photography

#2. Henry and Jordan

#3. Ryan and Mary

#4. Jason and Lizzie

#5. Zack and Melissa

#6. Andy and Samantha

#7. Carson and Cecilia

#8. Griffin and Becky

#9. Alex and Andrea

#10. Mick and Kait

#11. Ben and Allison

#12. Eric and Adriana

#13. Andy and Gina

#14. Petra and Andy

#15. Will and Stephanie

#16. Jon and Kate|

#17. Colin and Miles

#18. Matt and Kelsey

#19. Fidel and Ellie

#20. Dusan and Taryn

#21. Aaron and Amber

#22. Matt and Derek

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