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American Club Photos

When Grace and Nick told me they wanted to do engagement photos at The American Club in Kohler, WI I loudly said “Wooo!” I’ve shot a few corporate events there and absolutely love the space. We met up at Ravine Park which is one block away. We took some photos in the snowy winter wonderland then headed to The American Club to take photos inside. We had some fun exploring the space, and Grace and Nick were even offered some free drinks and cheese by a super nice bartender. Here’s just a few favorites from the session. Can’t wait for your wedding, Nick and Grace!

BSPL2580 copy

BSPL2585 copy

BSPL2588 copy
BSPL2662 copy

BSPL2595 copy
BSPL2611 copy
BSPL2630 copy
BSPL2645 copy
BSPL2671 copy
BSPL2713 copy
BSPL2737 copy
BSPL2768 copy
BSPL2801 copy
BSPL2829 copy
BSPL2850 copy
BSPL2878 copy
BSPL2785 copy
BSPL2860 copy
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