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So what are you doing during the “off season?”

I get asked this a lot, and it is good question. During the busy season (summer/fall), I develop a list of tasks I’d like to do. A lot of these end up getting pushed down until I forget about them. Ever have that happen to you? This month I recently ordered custom USB drives and finished up a new flyer (thanks for the help Rachel Bertsch!). Next will be updating my portfolio, Facebooking, creating a new website, meeting with potential clients for weddings (don’t delay in hiring your vendors if that’s you!), and converting from Photoshop to Lightroom (finally!).

I also have a giant list of wedding vendors I’ve encountered over the past season. I have photos of them to locate and send their way. During the winter there are also usually a handful of company events, engagement shoots, and band photos that pop up. Do you need professional photos for anything?? haha

Reflecting on the past year and analyzing what is working and what is not is also part of my off season. I’m still trying to figure out why most clients don’t order albums (what the heck the people…can someone fill me in?).

A fun part of the winter for me is doing personal work and exploring abandoned buildings. Yaaaay! I love experimenting with new ideas and techniques to try. Perhaps I’ll finally post a blog of photos from my California road trip last May.

After editing tens of thousands of photos in 2014 I am really excited to work less this winter and spend more time with my wife, my crazy hyper dog Iso, and of course take lots of photos (always!).

You can check out my favorite wedding images from 2014 HERE


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